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Lyran Culture
Lyran Hagiography
The Aristopolis, or City of the Best, is a hall of fame in the Trestunarion containing statues and plaques that commemorate the greatest accomplishments in intellectual endeavours by ancient humans, Lyrisclensiae, Noctians, early Hatel, and a small number of non-Lyranids.

Figures represented in the Aristopolis are commonly referred to as "saints" in many languages, including Glissia, and are even said to be "canonized" upon their entry, although veneration of these figures is not strictly religious in nature, constituting instead a sort of hero-worship, as well as serving the practical purpose of an index of important figures and ideas in various theoretical disciplines. Several figures in the Aristopolis happen to be significant in other faiths, however; most notably the twentieth-century C.E. astronomer and science communicator Carl Edward Sagan (1934–1996) and the Thessian physicist Tetragnostica Anastasia Dextra (3189 lky–?).

As of 8456 tgc, the Aristopolis contains over 16000 individual entries, of whom 8% are Terran or pan-human, 6% are Hatel or pre-Hatel, 13% are Noctian, and the remaining 73% are Lyrisclensii or Lyrisclensiae. Noctians are the only non-human group represented within the Aristopolis, on account of their unique decision to assimilate into a human society. Debate continues about how inclusive the Aristopolis should be, with some advocating for a comprehensive database of all great intellectuals, and others seeing the inclusion of non-Lyrans as either appropriation or an impossible-to-complete task; to date no dissenter Noctians have been inducted, although several modern Hatel have been. Regardless of the actual positions in the debate, however, most external observers regard this exclusivity as a manifestation of Lyran exceptionalism.