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Regení Mitraje
Reed Delegacy
Start: 50.732 tgc
End: 2500 tgc

First stable autocracy of post-Lapse Thet. Ruled most inner islands and had claims to most outer ones, over which it fought endlessly with rebel groups.

Cultured, conservative, and academic, the Reed Administration was ruled by a small council of twenty-four (later, thirty-six) experts headquartered at the city of Regenelía, tucked away on a quiet island in one of the busiest areas of Thet, Inner Main Belt III. As these positions were based on academic merit, Lyrisclensiae invariably held most of them almost until the end of the state.

In the years leading up to 2462 tgc, outlying island belts and clusters began to seek independence from the Administration, claiming that the government was too far removed and too busy to accommodate their needs. Realising that the organization was no longer sound, the Lyrisclensian representatives withdrew, hastening the collapse of the Reed state until its formal disintegration on the first day of 2500 tgc. The Lyrisclensiae went on to form the Lyrisclensian Continuing Council, and the various other remaining representatives joined the new regional governments, even founding a few.