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Survaní Doisseia
The Jewel of the Great River.
The first city founded on Thessia Major, Anterograde Doisseia was settled at the mouth of the Doisseia river in 1044 lilpo. At the time it was known simply as 'Doisseia'; the qualifier Survaní was added to differentiate it from another city, Chelvaní Doisseia, founded twelve years later at the river's source. "Anterograde" is the literal direction of the river's flow; the river flows westward here, as it does for most of its length.

Anterograde Doisseia held numerous traits of importance: it was the capitol of Lilikoisa, close to Nea Trestua, and home of the Vendashro lí Widhikúelía, the première Lilitic university of science and medicine, and one of the three Great Academies of the prelapsarian age. It was also a major centre of trade, although the economy was not as well-developed as that of Nea Trestua or Kunanoten.

The city and its inhabitants were obliterated by a static discharge from the dying star's corona, along with all stations and crafts orbiting nearer than Thessia Major. Survaní Doisseia was located close to the orbital plane, facing the sun at high noon at the time of the Shattering event. This put it almost exactly at the point closest to Astra Thessiae, and hence in the path of least resistance. Today, only a handful of tiny fragments of the city and its surrounding countryside survive in the debris known as Minor Belt 0A.

Tetragnostica maintained a laboratory here, as well as being an alumna of VLW. (Indeed, at least one Iron-era text purports her to be the mayor of S. Doisseia, which is patent absurdity.) During the early parts of her investigation, she suspected that she had been directly responsible for stirring a malevolent force (the Scream) that caused the destabilization event, and that this was some form of pre-emptive strike on its part. While she did definitely free said force, she later determined that the two events were unrelated.