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Just Before Dawn
2012-01-22 00:28:22

Just Before Dawn

It's hard to write poetry for you in English.
It feels so meagre, even downright foolish
to ever suppose that a tongue like ours
could reach out and wipe away the scars
that drove us, as they always did,
through libraries ancient and venerated
in studies far beyond the heavenly skies
and temples seen only by chemist's eyes
through forests of code richly blue
I have always found myself chasing you.
The sands of time can come and go,
our castles, our empires may melt,
but even in those moments of woe
I am guided by your love, and how good it felt
to be clutched against you on those snowy afternoons,
our minds filled with the jealously-guarded runes
of the secret we need only unlock for success.
And though at times our endless duress
seemed untouchable, beyond even the Muses' scope
I know there's no monument greater than simple, loving hope
So even though it sometimes feels to me
that only a master of Roman epigraphy
could ever hope to show my mind,
and present it justly, for you to find,
what it truly takes is harder still:
an unburdened heart and a boundless will.
But for you, I'll find them; for you I'll, search far,
because no matter what, you are my star.
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