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Two Letters to the Future
2012-01-22 00:35:17

Two Letters to the Future

Letter 1:
We complain a lot, but life for many of us is pretty OK. As Mark Rosenfelder ( once said, the twentieth century was the first time that we saw a higher average standard of living than the pre-agricultural era. I hope things are going better for you—and let me know how all that gender politicking works out.

Letter 2:
If your civilization is sufficiently thoughtful and intelligent (obviously it may not be) it would be cool to have a "Pretend to Talk to a Time Traveler" day. Aaron Diaz ( has pioneered the "Pretend to Be a Time Traveler" day, which, so far, has mostly resulted in people staggering around in public fountains and strapping gas masks onto arbitrarily-selected statues while decrying the ravages of history (in referential humour to the film Planet of the Apes.) All of this interest in time travel could be genuinely put to productive use, however, if we were to take a day where we documented everything—ourselves, our views of the world, our colloquialisms, our culture, our technology—with an eye to assisting those poor archaeologists and anthropologists who will, some day, be charged with the task of understanding what a mess culture has been since the Sixties.

Tell all your friends! If you can even read this, which is unlikely.

Post-scriptum: invent a universal language more effective than the Voyager Golden Record. Star Trek deuterocanon authors have been clamouring for decades that it would take an unreasonable effort to decipher.
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