Globkhro War of Independence
Start: 67891.712 lky
End: 67891.726 lky

The Hogedep invasion force intending to capture the Ksreskézaian territories was small—they knew not to expect any resistance, and needed their strength on other fronts. But the Hogedep underestimated the strength they needed to take the Ksreskézaian branes: Globkhro, a huge stellar cluster with dozens of civilizations, had no shortage of fighting power at its disposal. In conjunction with the modest Lilitic fleet that had evacuated from Dashro two years earlier, the fledgling Globkhro Federation was able to resist the invasion with only modest losses. After this time, the Lilitai helped Globkhro armour itself with the remains of the Ksreskézaian fleet, and the Hogedep, no longer interested in fighting with the peoples native to the Expanse, accepted a peace treaty. This peace would last almost uninterrupted until the events of the Second Thessian–Hogedepi War, in 5017 tgc.