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Anastasia Dextra
Coelispice Tetragnostica
Personal Name: Anastasia
Familial Name: Dextra
Cultural Title: Coelispice
Professional Title: Tetragnostica

Birth: 3189.736 iky
Death: 3274.11 iky
Lifespan: 101.24 tgc

Species: Lyrisclensia
Gender: Female

Biography: Born in Trestúa to her mother, Hypatia Dextra Caeca, as Anastasia Dextra Curiosa. Studied at the Illúmbelía il Trestúa in 3189 iky, an elite Lilitic academy on the outskirts of Nea Trestua run by the Lyrisclensiae, thereby gaining the title of Gnostica. Followed this with a degree from another academy, Vendashro lí Widhikúelía, in 3201 iky, which was operated by the Lilitai in Survaní Doisseia, attaining Duognostica, a highly-sought academic ranking that was flexible enough to ensure her employment virtually anywhere.

But she was not done; she proceeded to do a field programme with Studio Trestunariou, gaining the extremely rare title Trignostica in 3205 iky, after 8 iky of total studying (~18.4 Earth years.)

After this, she worked tirelessly to pursue her own curiosity, becoming a well-known and reputable magic scholar. (At least one Regení-era source incorrectly identifies her as the mayor of Survaní Doisseia.) Her greatest public contributions were to cosmology (earning her the epithet COELISPICE) but far more famous was her vast knowledge of Chromomancy, a very esoteric form of magic which she never taught to any known successors. It was this that earned her the title Tetragnostica, an otherwise-unattainable rank due to the triad academic system that gave out the Gnostica titles.

Her opinion in the public sphere was highly respected, often sought, and rarely given. She supported the Anti-Breach movement staunchly, a tokenism that none then understood; she was aware that no amount of effort could avert her great disaster.

Tetragnostica's influence on the post-Shattering cosmos may never fully be assessed, but is probably as far-reaching as the Eye itself, which she also created. There is evidence she has visited nearly every event of note in Thet's timeline.

To history, Tetragnostica's greatest contribution to Thet was the creation of the Anomaly, which cost her life but saved many millions of Thessians during the great Shattering.

The Shattering: responsible for partially averting the brane destabilization event by creating the Anomaly.