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Globkhro Federation
Start: 23950 ksepo (67891.712 lky)
End: 75615.056 lky

Multispecies democracy in Globkhro, a brane near Thet formerly subject to the Ksreskézaian Empire. Unlike the other former Ksreskézaian territories, Globkhro had sufficient firepower at its disposal, mostly in the form of derelict Ksreskézaian ships, to defend itself from the Hogedepi Empire following the destruction of Ksreskéza.

Over the intervening nine thousand tgc, the Globkhro Federation developed friendly if distant terms with most of Thet's species, in large part because the Lilitai had assisted them during their initial defence against the Hogedep. Nevertheless, there remained detractors in both branes who suspected that conflict had and would always be a danger.

In 5017 tgc, the Hogedepi military prepared for an assault on Thet, not knowing that the inefficient Lenení Mitraje had been replaced with Ivilon Desqrit's Gripsení Mitraje. As a test of their new prowess, which had been in development for centuries, they assaulted and captured Globkhro.