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Locussa Didacta
il Lilitina
Personal Name: Locussa
Familial Name: Didacta
Professional Title: il Lilitina

Birth: 37 iky
Death: 24.719 tgc
Lifespan: 3909.25 tgc

Mother: Atsha-Sithéa Gazdattía (67552.411 lky – 934 iky)
Species: Lilitu
Gender: Shúthilda

Biography: Fourth leader of the Lilitai, after her mother. Oversaw peace talks between Thet and the Hogedep. Consecrated the Tletketti memorial and the Ksreskézai memorial. Founded Lilikoisa and Survaní Doisseia. Commissioned the Symbol Tree shortly before her death.

Sole daughter of Atsha-Sithéa il Lilitina, the third Lilitic matriarch. Headmistress of Vendashro lí Widhikúélía from 1632 to 3265. By far her best-known work was with developing a working relationship with the Lyrisclensiae, a thought which her mother and others shunned at the time the Lyrisians first became involved. Locussa had no blood heir, leading to her decision to adopt Venakoa Illera as her apprentice in 3042.