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Lyrisclensian Continuing Council
The Guardians of Memory
Start: 2462 tgc
End: 5102 tgc

The Reed Administration began to degrade around 2455 tgc. The Lyrisclensiae on the ruling committee, who had been integral to the Administration's success for the preceding 2400 years, aware that the political situation on Thet was changing to a less centralized infrastructure, began to break off similarly, taking interest increasingly in the political situations of different regions of Thet, especially the lower-population outer islands. While some retained their posts on the committee rather than outright rejecting it, this degradation still posed an extreme risk to the continued diplomatic stability of the archipelago.

To resolve this, the Lyrisclensiae departing from the Reed committee founded the Continuing Council, which initially had no official political clout across or within empires, but ensured that the Lyrisclensiae in positions of governmental responsibility remained in contact with one another. Over time, the council gradually began to function as a circle of elders, as well, much like the Matriarch had been for the Lilitai prior to the shattering. This was particularly important during the LenenĂ­ Mitraje, when most citizens had two or three independent political allegiances depending on their species, heritage, and place of residence, and prevented many Lyrisclensiae from adopting Telaian Balkanization, a method of maintaining social order for which the Thessian Telai themselves had lost most enthusiasm.

Toward the end of the Iron Dynasty, the Council became increasingly important to affairs in Thet, as the Hogedep empire became more interested in capturing the brane, long a thorn in the side of its expansion.