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Stíení Mitraje
Quill Dynasty
Start: 5785 tgc
End: 6239 tgc

More properly described as a klitramaze (democracy) than a mitraje (empire), the Quill Republic was the principal ruling authority of Thet from 5809 tgc to 6922 tgc when the Altsithení Mitraje, its post-reformation successor state, was usurped in favour of martial law under the Shúthimení Mitraje. The Stíení Mitraje was responsible for restoring widespread understanding and use of magic in Thet, and was one of its most culturally productive periods. However, it was also a very socially and politically volatile period, in large part due to the return of the Lilitai and Lyrisclensiae, and so legislation was put forth to create a more structured government in 6002 tgc to create the Altsithení Starje which ultimately became the Quill Republic's successor state.