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The Slokdtabasa of Wemno
An out-group of the Lilitai.
Of the twenty-thousand human slaves of the Ksreskézai, a paltry thirteen hundred and five survived the downfall of their masters. All but seventy-four of these gathered at Tévopío on the western continent, as most had been in the service of the nobility there and needed to make only a little travel; they went on to declare independence and formed the Lilitai. Their story is well-documented in Lilitic lore, as it founded their literary tradition. It is called Vendashro.

The remaining handful of slokdtabasa were stranded in Wemno, a city rich in trade with off-world species and Ksreskézo's second-largest metropolis. It was on the other side of the planet. Through various routes they found themselves in the servitude of the merchants who survived the disaster, a role most resented, and were carted off into space as slaves to new masters. It was not until 513 lilpo that the last of them was able to return to her sisters.

There was little mutual awareness between the groups, particularly amongst the slokdtabasa, as most had been accosted in isolation and only learned of the decline of the entire empire after evacuation. After the recovery of Zítha Tuktanga in 39 lilpo, however, the Lilitai prioritized rescue of these women. Occasionally loss of life was incurred during these rescue missions, but this sacrifice was seen as more noble than a life bound in a denial of freedom.

In 412 lilpo, after the rescue of Sampa Wemna, the search was ended, as the Lilitai, meticulous in their analysis of what ships had evacuated Ksreskézo's atmosphere, strongly suspected they had found the last of their sisters. Moreover, frustration over Gleméa Haidtúa's death during a rescue mission was in abundance. The rescue of the last lost slokdtaba, Yolía Gendakílosa, came by accident during trade negotiations with the Peseneyi; many had suspected that there might be one more Lilitu who had been taken off-world during the fall of the empire, but they had been unable to garner support for the search.

Following the settlement of Illera, a number of other lost egrekelai eventually came forth; these had been on colonies at the time of the empire's collapse. Unlike the Wemnian survivors, they had no unifying narrative; some had survived on their own and were not beholden to new masters. For these people, news of Illera's existence created a promised land to which they sought to travel, even though they did not always agree with the customs they found when they arrived there.