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Lilitika Dictionary
All words in the early Lilitic language.
alenzegé, v. To evacuate.
alenzegezu, n. Evacuee.
alenzegíu, n. Vacuum.
alenzighu, n. Worry.
aléonu, n. Planar breach drive.
aleplu, n. Dust; sand; dirt; silt; grit; powder.
alepokoizildra, n. Libertarianism.
aleponu, n. Freedom.
alerotélapía, n. Turquoise (mineral).
alerotémaniku, n. Experimentalism (usually abbreviated to arotiku).
alerotémanu, n. Turquoise; experimentalness.
aleseteneí, a. Anorexic; fasting.
alespodta, n. Almond.
alesponí, a. Unsoiled, clean.
Alestanova, n. March, the third month of the Gregorian calendar.
Alestéa, n. The goddess of destruction.
alestígí, a. Random; without greater purpose.
alestillindé, v. To commit blasphemy.
alestillindezríu, n. Blasphemer.
alestitré, v. To boycott or snub.
alestorí, a. Bitter.
alestu, n. Hatefulness.
alestuní lapíu, n. Hail.
alestúra, n. Arm blade; a slashing weapon strapped to the underside of the forearm.
alestyuru, n. Hogenem (biological term).
alétsu, n. Inter-spacetime vacuum; void sometimes posited to exist between branes.
alez, pm. Not.
alez-, pre. Indicates a verb or action is not occurring.
alezhofarobí, a. Indivisible.
alezlitrí, a. Ungrouped.
alfeghilera, n. Metazoan.
Alfí Didta, n. Another name for Earth, commonly abbreviated Alfí'dta.
Alfí stulitrika, n. Symmetrical kinship system; see Lilitic Kinship.
Alfina, n. Terran culture.
alfônúbedí, a. Designed to accommodate humans (but typically not Lilitai).
Alfossa, n. Earth (poetic); contrast Terra and Alfí Didta.
Alfu, n. Terran human.
algome, n. Neodymium.
alíegé, v. To leave; to abandon.
Alíegepekhtía, n. Large post-marriage ritual; see Lilitic Marriage.
alíegezu, n. Coward.
alíes, pm. Against; moving in the opposite direction of.
alígé, v. To flee, to run away, to retreat.
alígezu, n. Retreating person.
alíoamé, v. To love someone without respect.
alíoamezríu, n. In an unequal relationship, a partner bearing the heavier load who has lost respect for the other.
alipkona, n. The literary essence of the coming-of-age story.
alipkonía, n. The coming-of-age plot-type; a coming-of-age story.
alipté, v. To mature; to grow serious.
aliptedu, n. Adept.
alísogé, v. To chase or hunt, especially with the intent of capturing or harming.
alísogezu, n. Stalker, rapist, vicious critic.
Alísogía'l Trotúzasa, n. Annual ceremony honouring Rostyaekía.
alítoneka, n. Protest (event).
alitopé, v. To arrange in reverse order.
alivitení nazhofezríu, n. Semicolon or sentence-welding declarative colon.
alivitu, n. Sentence.
alivitúbé, v. To give a familiar quotation or predictable response by only stating part of it; anapodoton.
alk-, pre. Five.
alka, n. The digit five.
alkalome, n. Terbium.
alkome, n. Boron.
alkotome, n. Gadolinium.
alkúé, v. To do something very precisely and carefully.
alle, n. Elsewhere.
allenome, n. Samarium.
allísaré, v. To refuse a request.
allôrúé, v. To scan; to read briefly; to skim; to glance at one's surroundings.
almítome, n. Promethium.
alnaru, n. Line of text in a story or poem.
alnezu, n. Spacesuit.
alobé, v. To risk.
aloí, a. Unused.
alonegé, v. To exit.
alones, pm. Outside of.
alonilede, n. Jealous desire.
aloshéfu, n. Transparency; neutrality to light.
alpola, n. Anger.
alpoloñé, v. Intransitively, to be preoccupied with anger; transitively, to seethe with rage at someone or something.
alraiome, n. Europium.
alshútome, n. Ytterbium.
alsoidútu, n. Depression.
alsoileríu, n. Blunt object; any weapon that is thrown or used for bashing.
alsoimútzímu, n. Charcoal.
alsoiní, a. Solid, thorough, massive, dense.
alsoipúé, v. To bash.
alsoithebé, v. To perform integral calculus on an equation.
alsovéu, n. Solid sphere; ball.
alsúlome, n. Erbium.
altañome, n. Dysprosium.
alteru, n. Unit (of measurement).
althanagé, v. Of a word, sentence, or clause, to span two or more lines in a poem; enjambment.
althoí, a. Cross; relational; comparative; comparing.
althoies, pm. Across.
althoigé, v. To cross; to go across.
altigenara, n. Sense (of smell, hearing, etc).
altílleru, n. Data, or any representation of information.
altíveru, n. Array (mathematical); an indexed series of numbers.
altoinéu, n. Library; customs and law information post.
altsipome, n. Thulium.

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