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Lilitika Dictionary
All words in the early Lilitic language.
klisarasí, a. Overweight or fat.
klitramazínu, n. Democracy.
klitru, n. Neighbourhood.
klivotu, n. Ladder.
klíwaledí, a. Dizzy.
klizí, a. Tiny.
klizlere, n. Microbe.
klotu, n. Ladder; ladder rung.
klowu, n. Clock.
koa, pm. ~-like, ~-ish.
koalé, v. To call or summon.
kogome, n. Cadmium.
koimoigu, n. Police officer.
koimúbra, n. Capillary.
koindru, n. Skewer stick.
koiné, v. To dig through.
koines, pm. Amongst or moving through.
koisaré, v. To settle in or nest.
koisekhto, n. Household.
koisilitru, n. Community.
koissaremé, v. To take refuge or hide.
koissezarlemé, v. To take refuge; to stow away; to steal shelter; to squat.
koissezmerlé, v. To find home (generally by instinct).
koistilla, n. Temple.
koisu, n. Home.
koizellí trafúekwíu, n. Legal scholar (archaic).
koizellidtu, n. Law.
koizelliku, n. Legal canon.
koizildra, n. Political ideology.
koizrakwíu, n. Legal scholar.
kokome, n. Tellurium.
kokona, n. The literary essence of the nostalgic or pastoral.
kokonía, n. The pastoral plot-type; a nostalgy.
koku, n. Impunity; freedom to decide.
kokúé, v. To satisfy.
kole, n. The K consonant.
kolemu, n. Attention-seeker; slut; heartbreaker.
kolenome, n. Tin.
kolí, a. Several; some; a paucity or paucal amount.
kolikona, n. The literary essence of nostalgia.
kolimefíu, n. Home.
kolintu, n. Contentedness.
Kolombía, n. Colombia.
Komaro, n. Comoros.
komoe, n. Indium.
kôn-, pre. Doing until.
kona, n. Drama; plays.
konairo, n. Case, container, box.
konaru, n. Square.
Koñgo, n. Congo.
konidta, n. Dramatic play.
konúbé, v. To act (in a play).
koplazu, n. Wild rock spider from Makta.
koplivu, n. Motto, slogan.
koraiome, n. Antimony.
Koría, n. Korea.
korr, mp. Dubitative/renarrative mood.
korré, v. To declare a claim; to claim.
korré (natalémanekhtikhe), v. To declare a loss of objectivity, usually to quit a job to date a coworker.
korridtu, n. Claim.
korru, n. Claimdom; that which has been claimed, regardless of whether it is true, unverified, or false.
Kôrvelío, n. Georgia.
kosé, v. To kiss.
koshútome, n. Cerium.
kosithé, v. To whisper intimately.
Kossipí, a. Of Cossipian culture.
Kossipínu, n. Cossipian culture.
Kossipíu, n. Cossipian.
kosu, n. Kiss.
kosúlome, n. Barium.
kot-, pre. Four.
kotañomu, n. Xenon.
koto, n. The digit four.
kotolapía, n. Beryl.
kotome, n. Beryllium.
kotona, n. Peanut.
kotopé, v. To give a hint.
kotopu, n. Hint, suggestion.
kotorilé, v. To argue or fight.
kotsipome, n. Lanthanum.
kotúzu, n. Quadruped; any animal with four legs.
kovesome, n. Caesium.
Kozovo, n. Kosovo.
Kravaska, n. Croatia.
krení, a. On paper; on a computer; recorded.
krídhídu, n. Grapheme.
kriftu, n. Waist.
kríveré, v. To adnominate; to re-use the same sound in multiple contexts.
kru, n. Medium (paper, canvas); the substrate upon which a work of art is made.
Ksreskéza, n. The Ksreskézaian brane or a Ksreskézaian female.
Ksreskézikí, a. Ksreskézaian.
Ksreskézinivíu, n. Ksreskézaian citizen, product, or possession.
Ksreskézinu, n. Ksreskézaian culture.
Ksreskézo, n. The Ksreskézaian homeworld or a Ksreskézaian male.
, mp. Destinate mood.
kú-, pre. Intentional.
Kúanení, a. Telaian.
Kúanía, n. Kuanid, the Telaian language.
Kúaninu, n. Telaian culture, specifically modern Kuanid-speaking Telaian culture.
Kúba, n. Cuba.

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