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Lilitika Dictionary
All words in the early Lilitic language.
lotane, n. Left.
lotanes, pm. Moving leftward from.
lotes, pm. At the left of.
lothanu, n. West.
lu, n. He; she; it; they.
lú-, pre. ~-ish, ~-like.
lúdaire, n. Paint bottle for keeping undiluted paints in.
lúdelera, n. Moss or lichen (Terran).
Lúdenalva, n. Montenegro.
lúdenlu, n. Black; usually connoting richness and fertility.
lúdenota, n. Black bean.
lúderegwa, n. Moss or lichen (Ksreskézaian).
lúdí, a. Dark (of a paint); highly concentrated (of an ink).
lúekhuvu, n. Analogy.
lúhaflasu, n. Gap between fingers.
lúhaies, pm. Between.
lúhaigwu, n. Between-surface; interface.
lúhatrotzu, n. Gap between toes.
lúkelesithé, v. To repeat a word for effect throughout a passage, allowing for different inflections or derivations from one root; polyptoton.
lúlúbé, v. To overuse synonyms; pleonasm or synonymia.
lúmo-, pre. In the same way, analogous (when preceding a consonant).
lúmoklaté, v. To conclude clauses or sentences in the same way; antistrophe.
lúmot-, pre. In the same way, analogous (when preceding a vowel).
lúmotekhé, v. Use of parallel inflections; homeoptoton.
lúmotéú, m. In the same way; analogously.
lúmotimé, v. To start the same way; to make an anaphoric clause.
lún-, pre. ~-ish or ~-like as used before a vowel.
lúnekhuví, a. Of highly similar structure or shape.
lúní, a. Its.
lúrebé, v. To transfer something.
lútheluví, a. Similar.
lúthenaré, v. Any form of structural rhetorical parallelism.
lúthenarí, a. Parallel.
lúthogé, v. To transfer oneself; to move between.
lúthwo-, pre. Between.
lútsiní, a. Elemental; basic.
lútwiklinta, n. Extremophile.
maba, n. Biological mother.
mabé, v. To give a choice; to allow a decision.
Madaska, n. Madagascar.
madzhidtu, n. Tree or graph node.
Maianmara, n. Burma/Myanmar.
Makedonía, n. Macedonia.
maklere, n. Endosymbiont, parasitic microbe, or commensal microbe.
makolintu, n. Pride.
Malava, n. Malawi.
Maldava, n. Moldova/Moldavia.
Malézía, n. Malaysia.
Malía, n. Mali.
malkome, n. Chlorine.
mallerísu, n. Chromosome.
Malta, n. Malta.
mama, n. Biological mother.
manaltí, a. Of brief sequence; such as a short list of instructions.
manaltinu, n. Sequence, as a dimension.
manaltu, n. Sequence; ordis.
manazé, v. To choose.
manazekíu, n. Decision.
mantaru, n. Fringe, precipice, or boundary.
manu, n. Opinion.
manzaru, n. Tree or graph edge.
mapanté, v. To approve of a decision.
maré, v. To bring.
mares, pm. Moving toward.
Marítanía, n. Mauritania.
Marítío, n. Mauritius.
marmúbra, n. Vein.
maru, n. Goal, objective.
masadé, v. To be pregnant.
masadekwíu, n. Professional surrogate mother.
Masadotalía, n. Month of Pregnancy, the first month of the Glotshakhto calendar.
masadoví, a. Pregnant.
masadovía, n. Pregnant woman.
masailesta, n. Pregnancy fetishism.
masakíu, n. Newborn.
masakwíu, n. Professional baby; a pathological know-nothing.
masebené, v. To employ grammatical syllepsis: parallelism by omission in connected clauses where the omitted words may necessarily not agree in form.
masekhtía, n. Pregnancy.
masteksu, n. Empty-headed newbie.
mataflasu, n. Webbing between fingers.
matatrotzu, n. Webbing between toes.
maté, v. To join, connect, intersect, meet with, etc.
mateku, n. Confluence, coincidence, or chance meeting.
mathoiéú, m. Through choice.
matu, n. Joint; place of connection.
matúzu, n. Knee.
matwidhé, v. (a) to meet one's future soulmate for the first time; (b) to join lives or merge two plots.
Matwidhedí Stardzhai il Amaríka, n. The United States of America.
matzí flasu, n. Ring finger.
Mayadta, n. Hungary.
mazé, v. To direct or instruct.
mazewíu, n. Decision-maker; any minister or autocrat involved in deciding legislation.
mazilleru, n. A planning document, agenda, or schematic.
mazitru, n. Tree.
mefañgrí, a. Stern, serious (of a person or their actions; responding to a serious situation).
mefí itsu, n. Atom; specifically a physical atom.
mefí metlu, n. Physical energy in general.
mefí shemu, n. Chemical phase.
mefíkosu, n. Navel.
Mefírafa, n. The Rotomemi dialect.

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