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Lilitika Dictionary
All words in the early Lilitic language.
regembu, n. Wheat.
regenu, n. Thin, hardy plant native to Thessia Major which grows near most bodies of water.
regezu, n. Buyer.
reghe, n. Grass or reed plants, especially those native to Ksreskézo.
rekelenu, n. Hip.
rekhyé, v. To feel (with one's sense of touch).
rekúu, n. Services.
relto, n. The broad R consonant.
remíokolapía, n. Red beryl.
remíome, n. Manganese.
repé, v. To find.
repé (aléfau apes ...), v. To fail utterly; to be doomed.
repé (solefau apes ...), v. To fail; to be defeated.
repéta, n. Green bean.
repetshalu, n. Opportunity.
repezu, n. Finder.
resapso, n. Bedding.
resé, v. To sleep.
resekhtía, n. Sleep.
Reselía, n. The season of Winter or the dry season, when plants slumber.
resepa, n. A mixture of wine and warm milk commonly used as a sedative, similar to posset.
reserilezríuví, a. Tired.
reserví, a. Tired.
Resétalía, n. Sleep-Time, the first month of the Glotshakhto calendar.
resezilí, a. Very tired; urgently or deeply needing sleep.
resezu, n. Sleeper.
reshiwé, v. To necessitate.
resifí, a. Lethargic.
resifilezríuví, a. Lethargic.
resilekhta, n. Tiredness.
resilí, a. Needing sleep; tired.
rethé, v. To introduce an artificial audience for rhetorical purposes; to employ apostrophe in the second person.
réya, adv. Compelled to; see rez-.
rez-, pre. Must: the subject is compelled in some way to perform the modified verb.
rezaní, a. Responsible.
rezaru, n. Responsibility.
rezí, a. Most.
reztoné, v. To cover something during a conversation; to touch on a point (specified as the direct object).
rezunté, v. To expect; to require of the future.
rezuntí, a. Normal; expected.
rezyé, v. To touch.
, a. Your.
Rikí Lepshúnelía, n. Costa Rica.
rilé, v. To require (by circumstance).
rileselé, v. To deserve through need; to deserve.
rilessa, n. Deservingness; earned weight or potential to receive benefits should they be available to be allocated.
rimmúbra, n. Artery.
rimoní, a. Nonspecific.
riñgrastu, n. Roof.
ríñgu, n. Network.
riní-, pre. Outward.
rinimarí, a. Inaccurate.
ríñke, n. Outward.
ríñkedílesta, n. Urine fetishism.
riñkedu, n. Urine.
riñkodu, n. Urethral opening.
ríñkolro, n. Meat.
ríñkoppa, n. Urea.
ríñkorré, v. To excommunicate.
rínksoilesta, n. Scat fetishism.
riñksoinu, n. Feces.
rinl-, pre. Outside.
ríntoila, n. Bladder.
rínu, n. Your things.
rinvêdtí, a. Imprecisely aimed or described.
rísaré, v. To allow or permit something.
rísto, ex. Hello.
rístobé, v. To greet.
ristu, n. Protagonist.
rivoné, v. To declare.
riz-, pre. Should: the subject is compelled by law, agreement, or rules to carry out the modified verb.
rizaitu, n. Legal or social right.
rizarize, n. Trifle.
rizeya, adv. Required to; see riz-.
rizilé, v. To require (by law or some ruleset).
robé, v. To be possible.
robéú, m. Maybe; possibly; perhaps.
roké, v. To make possible.
Roméí, a. Roman.
Roméu, n. Roman citizen.
Rominu, n. Roman culture.
ropu, n. Something which is possible.
rorlí, a. Possible.
Roshagila, n. Roshagil, the language of the Cossipai.
rosheme, n. Case, possibility.
Rostyaekía, n. The suffering mother goddess, evolved from the ancient Rotomem goddess Rostería.
rotékotolapía, n. Aquamarine.
rotesu, n. Cyan; diligentness.
Rôtomemu, n. Ancestor (of a Lilitu), or more specifically a member of the Rotomem.
roventría, n. Bay.
ru, n. You; thou.
rúkima, n. Eyelash.
rúpoza, n. Eyelid.
Rúsía, n. Russia.
sabaroví, a. Worthy.
sabeselé, v. To deserve in reward for divine worthiness or social achievement.
sabessa, n. Moral worth; value to society; one's standing in the eyes of the Stillai.
sabloko, n. Victory.
sabré, v. To mix.
Sabta, n. Ksreskézo's sun.

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