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Lilitika Dictionary
All words in the early Lilitic language.
súshútome, n. Seaborgium.
súsúlome, n. Rutherfordium.
sútañome, n. Nobelium.
sútshildu, n. Class member.
sútshu, n. Category; class; type.
sútshúbé, v. To classify.
sútsipome, n. Dubnium.
súveru, n. Vector.
súvesome, n. Lawrencium.
swu, n. A variant of tsilu (see grammar) indicating an incidental or tangential observation.
taigé, v. To cling; to dangle while clinging.
taksí, a. Corruption of tamaksí influenced by nataksí.
takúlí, a. Usual, familiar.
tal, ex. Go faster; be briefer.
talatshovu, n. A Thessian day.
taldidte, n. Second (Glotshatko: ~784 Earth milliseconds).
taldtu, n. Quantum of time.
Taléa, n. The goddess-principle of time.
talebímu, n. Branch.
talekeví, a. Temporary.
talenome, n. Tungsten.
talfathé, v. To flash.
talí, a. Brief.
talíkotopezríu, n. Clock face.
talinu, n. Time, as a dimension.
talitre, n. Minute (Glotshatko: 72 taldidtete, or ~56.4 Earth seconds).
talive, n. Hour (Glotshatko: 72 talitrete, or ~33.9 Earth minutes).
talizu, n. A Thessian second.
talkelu, n. A Thessian hour.
talpléovu, n. A Thessian year, also known as a great cycle.
taltsithé, v. To discuss.
taltsithekhtíu, n. Dialogue.
talu, n. Duration; time period.
tamaksí, a. Regular; consistent.
tamaksúé, v. To normalise.
tamítome, n. Tantalum.
tañ-, pre. Six.
taña, n. The digit six.
tañalome, n. Iridium.
tande, n. The T consonant.
tañgozome, n. Hafnium.
tañkome, n. Osmium.
tanu, n. Hook.
taraiome, n. Rhenium.
tarasa, n. The narrow T consonant.
tashútome, n. Lead.
tasúlome, n. Mercury.
tatome, n. Platinum.
tatsipome, n. Thallium.
tatúlu, n. Version, revision.
tavesome, n. Gold.
tayer-, pre. Millions (base twelve; 12^6).
tebildo, n. Male.
tebílesta, n. Attraction towards men or semen.
teblé, v. To walk.
tebo, n. Spermatozoon or pollen grain.
tebobo, n. Semen.
tedekighé, v. To evolve an adaptation.
tedzhofé, v. To speciate; to differentiate into multiple species.
tefloéu, n. Cheek.
tekaprou, n. Homologue.
tekíptu, n. Capital stock.
teklegu, n. Skull.
teklematzu, n. Temple (anatomy).
tekré, v. To modulate; to alter a pattern.
tekrodtu, n. Chin.
tekroklegu, n. Mandible, lower jaw.
tekrotúzé, v. To finish a speech, paragraph, or sentence, with the same word or words it started.
teksí flotoila, n. Philtrum.
teksífemna, n. Brain.
teksipé, v. To head-butt.
teksu, n. Head.
Telaïnu, n. Telaian culture, especially historical Telaian culture.
telaté, v. To prevent from changing; to fix in place.
telau, n. Telaian human.
telbré, v. To stir; to mix with a twisting motion.
televro, n. Spire.
telíbé, v. To flower; to enter puberty.
Telibelía, n. The coming-of-age rite; see article.
telibezré, n. To undergo the coming-of-age rite, Telibelía.
telíu, n. Time of occurrence.
telmé, v. To twist.
Telméa, n. The goddess of manipulation.
telméú, m. Twistingly; however; instead; in a strange turn of events.
telmeziyu, n. Situational irony; when the result of an action is contrary to the expected result.
telmidtu, n. Half-knot; plot twist.
telzokona, n. The literary essence of suspense.
telzoku, n. Anticipation.
tendí, a. Formal.
tennu, n. Machine or organism.
tenti-, pre. Involving genes or genetics.
tentibite, n. Virion; virus.
tentilleru, n. Gene.
téntome, n. Bismuth.
tepaku, n. Face (of someone with extensive, flowing hair).
tepta, n. Doll.
terbé, v. To fertilise.
terbelíu, n. Flower.
terbezo, n. Father.
Terra, n. Earth (prosaic); contrast Alfossa.

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