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Lilitika Dictionary
All words in the early Lilitic language.
febízinu, n. Photonic power.
fedu, n. Compliment.
féfé, v. To cry.
féfelipta, n. Lacrimal (archaic).
féfemnu, n. Onion.
feksa, n. Nervous system, especially the brain.
feksínoska, n. Mental exhaustion.
felipta, n. Lacrimal.
felipta (2), n. Kitten.
felozilu, n. Xenophilia, especially an urge to change oneself in order to be different or strange.
felozoka, n. Xenophobia; fear of the unknown.
felozu, n. Stranger.
fels-, pre. Physically preceding.
felses, pm. Physically preceding.
felu, n. Cat.
fembethíu, n. Radiation source.
femboseí, a. Exotic and valuable.
femboseía, n. Court favourite, courtesan, exotic, beloved one, high-value human chattel, precious (as a term of affection), etc.
fembu, n. Non-visible electromagnetic radiation; harmful radiation.
fembúku, n. Cancer; leukaemia; radiation poisoning.
fembúré, v. To irradiate or expose to harsh, harmful light.
femnu, n. Leaf.
fémotona, n. Melon.
fenoa, n. Any musical instrument that projects light as part of a performance.
fentetu, n. Tumour.
fenúlí, a. Exotic; not found locally.
fepíta, n. Lacrimal.
feplemí, a. Absolute (said of a line of reasoning or moral argument).
Feplemika, n. Psychology based on the assumption that Sarthían theology reflects universal truths about the mind.
fernowu, n. Tableau vivant, set of statues set up in a scene, or both.
ferte il genowa, n. The art of stillness; tableaux vivants.
fertilkúeshé, v. To be made into a work of art.
fertindé, v. To dance in an artistic display.
fertindúu, n. Dance performed for artistic reasons.
fertove, n. Easel or artist's desk.
fertu, n. Art.
feséu, n. Fibre-optic wire.
fetsu, n. Photon.
féyeru, n. Lightness.
fídoséu, n. Collar.
fídu, n. Neck.
fidza, n. The F consonant.
fídzoinu, n. Throat.
fíe, n. The suit of collars (burdens) as used in playing cards.
fífí, ex. Onomatopoeia for childish laughter.
fígestrímanu, n. Beige.
fíkotolapía, n. Morganite.
fímillapía, n. Rose quartz.
finagolo, n. Satirical argument built around insult humour.
fínané, v. To mock.
fínanes, pm. Despite ~ (generally with the instrumental case).
fínanéú, m. Mockingly; but; in spite of that.
fíretsa, n. Rice grain.
fírezu, n. Alternative spelling of fíyérezu.
fíridahé, v. To melt.
Fíyelapía, n. Liechtenstein.
fíyérezu, n. White.
Fíyerúsía, n. Belarus.
fíyéthu, n. Pink; quiet intimateness.
fladegu, n. Fingernail.
fladipé, v. To claw.
flakhemu, n. Surface.
flasé, v. To grip.
flasé ke, v. To hold hands together.
flasedo, n. Handrail.
flasové, v. To curl.
flasríu, n. Peninsula.
flasu, n. Finger.
flazré, v. To poke, especially to provoke a response.
flévé, v. To begin.
floé, v. To arc, toss, throw, or cause to round a corner in a wide curve.
flokina, n. Riot or violent protest.
flolítu, n. Transferred epithet, a type of hypallage.
flovaté, v. To catch something thrown; to terminate an arc; to understand an idea not carefully expressed.
flovéklu, n. Cylinder.
flovétona, n. Tomato.
flovéu, n. Curve.
flovipúé, v. To throw.
flúsé, v. To tilt or lean.
flúsedu, n. Skewed perspective, bias.
flúsekwíu, n. Ideologue; propagandist.
flúsu, n. Angle.
fôbahé, v. To evade.
fogedí, a. Hard to lift; cumbersome; tricky; having many components; fragile; unwieldy; awkward to use.
fogedía, n. Prematurely-born child.
foí, a. Complicated; intricate; displaying high internal connectivity; complex; not easy.
fôn-, pre. Doing from.
fônyaré, v. To paint (a subject).
Frasía, n. France.
Frasika, n. The French language.
Frasike, n. French culture.
Frasikí, a. Of French culture.
Frasu, n. French speaker.
fu, n. Light.
fulestokhu, n. Romantic love.
fuñga, n. Fungus.
fustedzhu, n. Compassionateness.
Gabôno, n. Gabon.
gadzafé, v. To ask permission to speak candidly or to apologise for doing so; parrhesiastic request.
Gahôna, n. Guyana.

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