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Gegloka Tévopía
Personal Name: Gegloka
Familial Name: Tévopía
Cultural Title: Íoyebéa

Birth: 67178.019 lky
Death: 67891.464 lky
Lifespan: 856.13 tgc

Species: Slokdtaba (pre-Lilitu)
Gender: Female

Biography: The most powerful Slokdtaba on Ksreskézo, and the governess to the royal family. Gegloka died shortly after her masters.

Personality: Gegloka was one of the few Slokdtaba with any presence in the Ksreskézaian cultural sphere, and, naturally, she spoke what they wanted to hear; her personality was often said to be more Oksian than of the Slokdtabasa. Many Lilitai grew up knowing only their mothers, the rest of the house staff, and Gegloka as their own species. After Lilitic independence, the name "Ioya" was explicitly made taboo by Sarthía as too servile, and the word "gegloku" came to be an obscene word. She was regarded as almost as alien to the Lilitai as the Ksreskézai, and most obeyed (rather than emulated) her.