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About the Expanse

The Empires of Ksresk├ęzo

The Hogedepi Imperium


The Pesenese Union

The Independent Hierarchy of the Epyesteyi

The Dominion of Illera

The Globkhro Federation

The Lilitina

The Free Lilitina of Wanisin

The Lilitina of Craghaven

The Empire of Wanisin and Ksresk├ęzo (Tenth Empire)

The Great Domain of Independent Kelonra

The Hatelese Commonwealth

The Reed Delegacy

The Trestunarion

The Collegium of Lyrisclensian Thet

The Principalities of the Iron Dynasties of the Shattered Lands

The Gryphon Republic of Thet

The Quill Republic of Thet

The Music Republic of Thet

The Wind Republic of Thet

The Union of Kunan

International governing bodies

The Thessian Treaty Organization

The TTO existed from 300 iky to 1 tgc, and served as the primary means by which the nations on Thessia Major conducted diplomacy. Analogous to Earth's United Nations, the TTO was also involved in facilitating immigration, interplanetary and interbrane relations, and the Planar Sentry.

The League of Terran Descendants

The Olympus Rim Convention

The Continuing Council of the Lyrisclensian Diplomatic Mission to Thet

The Cassiopeian Treaty Organization

The CTO dates to the 56th millennium lky, and was the first major act by the relatively young Hatelese Commonwealth to position itself as a power in international politics. The membership, now commonly known as the Cossipi, is comprised of human species that have been isolated from the greater tapestry of humanity and consequently suffered considerable setbacks in technological and social development. It is still present in Thet, and provides a nurturing scaffold and a sense of cultural unity for a rich spectrum of karyotypic minorities.