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The Lilitic Goddess of Dreams
Tshayéa (sometimes spelled Chayéa) is shown with dark blue hair and pale skin, naked but for the blanket she hold herself wrapped in. The blanket is black (or dark blue) and speckled with white dots or small crystals to represent stars. She is the interface between the mind and the greater world of the post-life, as well as the font of raw creativity. It is posited that this where dreams come from: that the sleeping mind is detached from the physical body and left to swim in the infinite permutations of possibility that lie beyond reason. Close adherents further propose that creativity is the result of exposure thereto, and that one's voyage through the dreamscape is guided by unconscious in a manner analogous to the dead's own navigation thereof.

Prayers to Tshayéa are for the ability to find solutions to difficult problems, or to simply get a good night's sleep. These are ritually accompanied by some chemical to hasten the onset of sleep or the richness of dreams, so that Tshayéa may be rewarded for her services by additional access to the invoker's mind. Tshayéa is ultimately also the matron of the afterlife: she accepts the dead from Poaléa and integrates their memories into the greater unconscience. Praying to her allows access to the unknown (un-added) negative space of possible memories; as such, no memory can truly be dreamed exactly. The price of this is temporary loan of memories to the positive space, permitting one-way communication with the dead.