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Rhetorica Sarthía
Personal Name: Rhetorica
Familial Name: Sarthía
Cultural Title: Rhamnúsinivía

Birth: 2136 iky

Species: Lilitu
Gender: Stílda

Biography: The start of Rhetorica's story is one common amongst the Lilitai of her generation. She was raised in close proximity to the Lyrisclensiae, away from the culture of her grandmothers. Her mother, an actor by vocation, had spent many long years studying the history and traditions of the Lyrisians—amongst the first of the dramatists to do so—and hence encouraged her daughter to consider the same. For a long time, this suited Rhetorica just fine, and she spent a great deal of her youth acquiring a rare understanding of how the Lyrisclensiae went about their business. Still, she longed to know more about herself and her origins, and after a while she found her imagination wandering to other canons and cultures, especially those of her ancestors, both Lilitu and Terran.

She attended two institutions on Thessia Major; Illúmbelía il Trestúa in 3188 and Vendashro il Widhikúelía in 3203. She met Tetragnostica at IIT, and the two maintained a friendly rivalry until 3270 when Tetragnostica became reclusive and withdrew from public life to focus exclusively on her great dilemma.

Rhetorica was among those who refused to evacuate Thet following the Shattering, convinced that the archipelago held at least as much promise for fostering culture and innovation as the Thessian system had previously. Among the most highly educated elite and with much of her life ahead of her still, she harnessed her curiosity about the past by joining the Memory of the City in Dis in 11 tgc, becoming the head curator of the Lilitic Antiquities department within five cycles.

Rhetorica was the first Thessian Lilitu to visit Wanisin: she was abducted by Serena tel Moukarhím (or a clone) in 307 tgc and spent most of the Reed period there instead, both a captive to the Empress and advisor. It was here that she became aware of indefinite life extension technologies that many of the ruling class used in secret and was subjected to them herself, seduced by the prospect of being able to witness all of history. As an advisor, she took up the official state post of the Minster of Mystery, helping to re-establish the long-forgotten cult of Tshayéa, which had once figured largely in Wanisinese society.

She returned to Thet, now styled Rhetorika Tshayéanivía Rhamnúsía, in 2238, as the central government was collapsing and the first Iron proto-states were fighting for territory.