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Second Illera colony
Start: 8873.226 lilpo (1924 iky)
End: ongoing

For four and a half thousand Terran years, the Lilitu colony on Illera lay completely vacant, little more than a graveyard for the dream of colonization. Illera was a painful memory for the granddaughters of the women who had died there during the plague, and it was little known to others besides the Peseneyi, who had evolved on a planet not far away from Illera. It was only when the Peseneyi announced plans to develop the planet for archaeological tourism that the Lilitai on Thet became possessive of the world once more, and then finally lay claim to it in 1923 iky; at first, this amounted to little more than a small outpost as a token of ownership, with only a dozen or so permanent staff, but by the end of the twentieth century on the Iunen calendar, Koitra had been rebuilt, and its population had exceeded five hundred.
Karina Etessidta: Initiated.