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Cogita and Chrona
Introduction to Lyrisclensian Mythology
See also Tshalléa and Taléa, the Lilitic derivative.

The Lyrisclensiae are, practically, materialists. They know perfectly well that the mind arises from the computations of neurons, and always have. However, this leaves room for rhetorical devices that do not rely on this perspective, hence Chrona, a notional personification of space-time generally cursed, and Cogita, a notional personification of abstract thought and ideas generally praised for her endless bounty of research ideas. One traditional reference to this dualism is the image of the two turning hand-cranks on each other, symbolising the endless recursion of theory (mind operating spacetime) and fact (spacetime operating mind.) The Lilitai did something very weird with this pair of simple ideas, misinterpreting them as actual metaphysical concepts in their religion.