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Íora Chúkotía
Personal Name: Íora
Familial Name: Chúkotía
Cultural Title: Fínanía

Birth: 67682.151 lky
Death: 270 iky
Lifespan: 897.41 tgc

Species: Lilitu
Gender: Stílda

Biography: Best remembered as a comedian and sceptic, Fínanía was a major force for inciting social change and righting injustices when she was most active, from c. 100–400 lilpo. During that time she wrote hundreds of plays, stories, pamphlets, and manifestos; experimented with many different forms of provocation in her art; and was one of the first to tout the opinion that art is primarily about conveying a message, which the more traditional Fertinenivíasa strongly disliked. By 600 lilpo she had mostly retired from satire and scepticism, focusing more on philosophy and virtue ethics.

Despite coming from the Ksreskézaian house of Chúkoto, Fínanía had no known blood relation to Sarthía. In that house's service, she functioned as a courier and sometimes stenographer, and was hence often privy to aristocratic gossip and diplomatic issues before they became widely-known.

Íora survived long enough to see the colonization of Thet and the start of the integration of the Lilitai into mainstream human culture, a process she somewhat resented. Her last play, written in 253 iky, was Núí Ahekía ("Extra Alteration," or, less literally, "Spare Change"), a comic tragedy about two sisters, one of whom struggles to adapt to the new world around her (and ultimately fails), and the other who retreats into traditional culture, only to find that the institutions that supported her in her youth have eroded (leaving her alone and terrified.) This was one of Íora's most enduring works, despite coming so late in her career, particularly as it was the last dramatic production which Chayelía and Amelía acted in.

Personality: Predominantly stílda, slightly tshilda. She could be very vain at times, but was usually aware of her own flaws, and as a sceptic accomplished much by pointing out the habits and mistakes of others.