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Akoa Rútoga
Personal Name: Akoa
Familial Name: Rútoga
Cultural Title: Vúzéa

Birth: 67758.018 lky
Death: 68052.342 lky
Lifespan: 353.18 tgc

Species: Lilitu
Gender: Childa

Biography: One of the Fertinenivíasa. Prior to the years of the fringe, she lived primarily as a component in a museum exhibit at the Ksreskézaian Institute for Empire. At first, once liberated she was unable to handle normal life and was almost non-verbal, but later was found to be highly literate, and eventually achieved full communicativity. She suffered from stunted growth as a consequence of her poor upbringing, and although she was a major proponent of the tshilda way of life, she lived mostly as a stilda in Lilitic society. She was one of the first to die of natural causes amongst the Lilitai.

Personality: Stilda/tshilda. Notoriously paranoid.