Geneía Doisseidta Didakta 'l Illera
Personal Name: Geneía
Familial Name: Doisseidta
Cultural Title: Didakta
Professional Title: 'l Illera

Birth: 5396 tgc
Death: 7672 tgc / 530.109 ce
Lifespan: 2276 tgc

Species: Lilitu
Gender: Female

Biography: Geneía grew up in Koitra on Illera, hearing stories of Thet's grand past and the role that the Lilitai had once played in its diverse multicultural community. She was envious of the mythical figures that had been made out of her ancestors, and of the stories of their accomplishments. This motivated her to participate in the Stía Resistance, and doing work for which she eventually was given the responsibility of tending to Lilitu Affairs in the Stíení Mitraje.