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Yolía Gendakílosa
Personal Name: Yolía
Familial Name: Gendakílosa
Cultural Title: Repeshía

Birth: 67680.421 lky
Death: 315 iky
Lifespan: 953.49 tgc

Species: Other
Gender: Stílda

Biography: The last of the Wemnian evacuees, recovered by chance in 513 lilpo. Famously, Yolía refused to tell anyone her name at all; "Yolía Gendakílosa Repeshía" literally means "Zero Nameless the Found," a designation she was happy to accept in its stead. Yolía had lived in chains aboard various space stations in Globkhro for the entire five centuries, and was unwilling to engage a past that felt so distant.

It is generally believed that she was a servant of the Pokfetso family, who had once ruled over the lands to the north of Wemno, but her rusty Oksirapho, mutated accent, and tight lips stymied most attempts to infer evidence indirectly.