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Thessian Kuanid
Kuanid Grammar
Conventional rules for Thessian Creole Kuanid.
Thessian Kuanid is a creole of the many dialects of the language spoken by the first groups of Telai to settle on Thessia Major from 84 IKY to c. 300 IKY. As with all dialects of the language, it is a very position- and marker-dependent language, with no significant inflection. A handful of dialects agglutinate terminal and leading markers into prefixes and suffixes, but these are considered unconventional.

Telaian is a huge language, with thousands of grammatical particles and millions of words. Owing to its heritage as a loanword soup formed from the languages of Earth, there are generally upward of a dozen synonyms for any given concept, but usually a crew or fleet settles on a familiar subset and sticks to it. The same can be said of its rich catalogue of idioms.


The root dialect of Telaian was called Exodusial by its contemporary scholars; that is, the language of the exodus from Earth. Exodusial already displayed the atomized grammatical format of modern Kuanid, due to Chinese influences, but hundreds of thousands of years have greatly changed the language's vocabulary and word order. Significant technical vocabulary has been borrowed or mutilated from Classical English (the language this document is written in) and hence a variety of Latin and Greek dialects, as well as many alien languages, but these have generally been in the language long enough to have undergone some alterations to accommodate shifting accents and the march of time.