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Chayelía Silepía
Personal Name: Chayelía
Familial Name: Silepía
Cultural Title: Yepezría

Birth: 307 iky

Species: Lilitu
Gender: Childa

Biography: Chayelía was an extremely prolific performer and artist during the early years of Lilikoisa. She and her twin sister Amelía were both incredibly talented, and as the first-ever pair of monozygotic twins born in Lilitic history, incredibly in demand by playwrights, film directors, holo-film directors, painters, choreographers, and tableaux sculptors. They were brilliant doubles of each other—followers of the oldest ways of the Fertenivíai, they ruthlessly worked to master their identities, stopping at nothing to ensure that they would be identical as possible in every way, so that no one, not even their collaborators, could ever tell them apart until their work called for it (if it even did.) Some even said they swapped names from time to time to keep others guessing. Even injuries were shared.

The uses for their talents were endless—so many artists had ideas that required symmetry, or 'before' and 'after', or internal monologues, and the Player Sisters knew no limits. In every way they were as pure as possible.

But even amongst the nearly-ageless Lilitai, fashions change. After nearly three centuries of being in the spotlight, they had become so iconic in the Lilitic arts that other artists grew bored of them. Not content with fading into obscurity, the sisters made one final sacrifice for their craft: they chose to undergo artistic petrification in 708 iky, and slumber until the arts were once more prepared to return to them. Their final dramatic role, Íora Chúkotía's Núí Ahekía ("Spare Change") was a much-remembered act; despite having refused to act in it on many previous occasions, they felt the themes were appropriately symbolic of their careers drawing to a close. (Predictably, some would say, they had it altered to be about one person in alternate futures.)

For hundreds of years, Amelía and Chayelía stood in front of the entryway to the Memory of the City of Retrograde Doisseia, the largest museum on all of Thessia Major. During the Shattering, Amelía vanished, presumed destroyed; what remained of the Memory of the City was in poor shape, and Chayelía had required surgery to restore before she immediately demanded to be re-frozen, insisting that she not be thawed without her sister. All throughout the Reed and Iron Dynasties, the statue stood untouched, one of the saddest personal tragedies in all of Thessian history.

In 5206 tgc, during the Gryphon period, Chayelía was removed from the museum's exterior and put into storage for safekeeping; it is not known what happened to her after that. If rediscovered and thawed, she would be the longest-living individual in Thet's history.