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Netharía Aléhéanivía
Ketablezría Exploratriké
Personal Name: Netharía
Familial Name: Aléhéanivía
Cultural Title: Ketablezría
Professional Title: Exploratriké

Birth: 68079.031 lky
Death: 2471 iky
Lifespan: 3062.36 tgc

Species: Lilitu
Gender: Stílda

Appearance: Netharía wore a distinctive white scarf, of thin width and with black endcaps. These flowed backwards from the nape of her neck, often extending beyond her wings. This affectation was a habit of her mother's that her own daughter, Doisseiasta, later inherited, and was later occasionally fashionable for adventurers and those styling themselves explorers.

Biography: She was proceeded in death by her mother Aléhéa Rebezría in 820 lilpo (ques múreple), gaining the agnomen Ketablezría upon her age of majority.

Most books recount her as a noted explorer of Thessia Major shortly after settlement, charting much of the wildest parts of the southern lands as well as the deepest tunnels of Dhazma, the Tletkettoyic underworld. One daughter, Doisseiasta Netharinivía, born 1713 lilpo in Lilikoisa. Citizen of Chelvaní Doisseia.

In 2465 iky, her health began to decline precipitously. Having no desire to be a burden, she and those closest to her journeyed to her favourite vantage point in Lilikoisa. There she released herself from a life well-lived.

Personality: Although predominantly Stílda, she was notably Shúthilda-biased, motivating her many adventures; close friends noted she had "occasional flashes of tshilda."