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Word of the Day: hadveoda
n. Speed.
agonto, n. Finger.
akhéo, v. To be changed.
atfeokza, n. Kicking power.
atfeota, n. Hip.
bho, v. To be.
deklo, n. Head.
eghmé, v. To go.
ha-, pre. Generic indicator of a derived quality, most commonly a power or capacity associated with the root noun.
hadveoda, n. Speed.
hakidta, n. Location.
haknoda, n. Direction.
kvulin, n. Fabric.
-kza, suf. Power.
Sabta, n. The Sun-Disc.
Sabto, n. Glory.
Salkzo, n. Ambition.
tenkso, n. Distal portion of the tail.

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