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Word of the Day: tenkso
n. Distal portion of the tail.
agonto, n. Finger.
akhéo, v. To be changed.
atfeokza, n. Kicking power.
atfeota, n. Hip.
bho, v. To be.
deklo, n. Head.
eghmé, v. To go.
ha-, pre. Generic indicator of a derived quality, most commonly a power or capacity associated with the root noun.
hadveoda, n. Speed.
hakidta, n. Location.
haknoda, n. Direction.
kvulin, n. Fabric.
kza, suf. Power.
Sabta, n. The Sun-Disc.
Sabto, n. Glory.
Salkzo, n. Ambition.
tenkso, n. Distal portion of the tail.

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