Paligu Grammar
The following is a basic tutorial in the function, style, and use of Paligu, the most common of the Pesenese languages and the only language well known outside of their territory. Grammatically, it is distinctive for its extreme reliance on verbs, featuring no nouns or adjectives whatsoever besides gerunds, attributive verbs, and a handful of atomic logical entities. To represent substantives, the process or phenomenon of that thing's existence is inflected as a stative verb and then cast as a gerund if necessary. Most learners describe their comprehension of Paligu as eye-opening and an excellent insight into the peculiar reasoning and perspective of the Peseneyi.

Before studying Paligu, it is important to be aware of the language's unusual orthography, particularly as it pertains to the use of nasals to represent affricates.

Basic verb morphology



Endemic affixes

Recontextualized affixes

Pure nouns and pronouns


Endemic affixes

Recontextualized affixes

Pure adjectives and adverbs



Sentence structure and argument ordering