Flight of the Alestéan cult to Wanisin
Start: -1.517 wanpo (68089.905 lky)
End: 0 wanpo (68090.399 lky)

Shortly after the death of Kona Tuktanga, the remaining Cult of Alestéa on Illera broke quarantine and stole the Haplina, steering it into the outer disk of the Hava vortex for retrofitting into a larger population carrier able to fight. At the time, almost two thousand people subscribed to Kona's Alestéan cult or were otherwise loyal to the Mitrajethíasa, many of whom had been steered toward it by witnessing the deaths of friends and loved ones.

Their objective: to seek out the fabled world of Hrañisiñ, or Wanisin, a planet in the most remote and unexplored reaches of the Expanse that the Pesenese considered uninhabitable due to its extreme humidity. Along the way, they captured and raided several ships, mostly Pesenese, for both supplies and slaves.