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Imperial Wanisin
Most of Wanisin's population lives within the Wanisinese Empire, which consists of the city of Surví Dashro (colloquially shortened to Sur'daro) and its many colonies, which span every significant landmass on the globe. The bulk of the population is comprised of egrekelai, known locally as ekeli, who founded and administer the Empire.

The inhabitants of the Empire, which is often referred to synecdochally as Wanisin, regard their state as a revival of the Ksreskézaian Empires, and seek to perpetuate its customs and ethos. This is not a direct lineage; the first ekeli settlers of Wanisin came from a conservative movement within the Lilitai, and so it can be more correctly assessed as a synthesis of Sarthía's designs, the realisation thereof, Kowako's cult of Alestéa, and the neo-Ksreskézaian views of the cultists thereof, few of whom actually lived on Ksreskézo, and none of whom occupied positions of real power there. Wanisinese culture can thus be seen as a one-sided dialogue with Lilitic culture, perceptions of which grew more and more muddled as time separated the two ever further.

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