Wanisini Grammar
Wanisini is the name commonly used for Lilitika Wanisinon in the 12th millennium wanpo, i.e. around the time of first contact with Thet. It is descended from Illeran, perhaps the most complicated language in the Ksreskézaian–Lilitic macrofamily, but exhibits considerable reduction in morphology, much like Thessian Standard Lilitic. For political reasons, the term 'Lilitika' is generally avoided on Wanisin, often euphemistically replaced with Ekelirapho, 'Egrekelinaní language,' following the pattern of Oksirapho, 'Oksinoní language.'

As this naming suggests, Wanisini uniquely exhibits a re-embrace of Ksreskézaian culture, and a number of distinctly Oksiraphi attributes, such as word order and the use of an honourifics system, are enshrined in the grammar, which present substantial difficulty for fluent speakers of other geolects. Some progress toward a more Oksiraphi word order is visible in the later Lilitika dialects (particularly the non-mandatory shifting of adjectives to postfix), but the pattern is much more robust and prominent among the Wanisinese.

Word Order






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