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Yakov Emmet
Personal Name: Yakov
Familial Name: Emmet
Professional Title: Admiral

Birth: -2500.998 lky
Death: -2400.998 lky
Lifespan: 120 tgc

Species: Other
Gender: Male

Biography: Last traditional commander in chief of the Terran space force. During his term, he dissolved the core of the military hierarchy on the premise that it had long since ceased to serve any useful purpose; travel distances between various groups of exploratory vessels were so enormous that an overarching command structure simply made no sense, as it could take months or years for communications to be exchanged. His solution to this problem was the founding document of Telaian culture, the Constitution, a document intended to be borne by each self-replicating ship and its crew, and modified as that ship's captain saw fit. This combination of technology, humanity, and legal philosophy effectively created a system of von Neumann probes, each carrying with it the capacity to make rational, sophisticated decisions.