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The Senate
The Senate is the second-highest power in the Wanisinese Government. At the end of the classical era, it consisted of twenty-four members—two from each of the six Great Cities and one from each of the twelve Elder Cities—who were assigned by the Empress to posts as ministers or vice ministers within the Offices of the Senate, the Balitri Wanisinon. Offices are arranged radially, with the primary offices forming cardinal directions, the secondary offices bisecting the angles between them, and the tertiary offices further bisecting those angles: for example, Mystery bisects Discipline and Mercy, and Faith bisects Mercy and Mystery. Offices are listed in clockwise order.

Primary and secondary offices have two positions appointed by the Empress from the Senate; tertiary offices have one royal appointee and three deputies. Each deputy in a tertiary office corresponds to one superior minister: one from the relevant primary office, one from the relevant secondary office, and one from the tertiary office's minister herself.

With rare exception, the Office of Power has normally been held by the senior Senator representing the city of Surví Dashro, and is typically a close personal friend and adviser to the Empress.

Senators are normally elected by the governing council of their respective cities and serve for life. The Empress may veto these appointments, dismiss a Senator, or even appoint an individual if no suitable replacement can be found.

Primary Offices

POWER - BALITRO SALKZON: Police, city planning, transportation, military, noble interests.
DISCIPLINE - BALITRO MILDRON: Secret police (URAVIDAI), media control, arts control, state worship.
MERCY - BALITRO SAMPON: Healing, charity, hospitals, public works, drug safety.
AMBITION - BALITRO MARINON: Commerce, industry, building, innovation, art.

Secondary Offices

PURITY - BALITRO HAKRESELEKAN: Genetic heritage, sanitation, racial purity.
MYSTERY - BALITRO SASKINAN: Religious institutions, theology, study and advancement of religion.
FERTILITY - BALITRO LUDENLAN: Maintenance of slave population, agriculture, population, food safety.
WISDOM - BALITRO ILDRINON: Math, science, higher education, engineering, endeavours of the mind.

Tertiary Offices

PRUDENCE - BALITRO ALKUKAN: Immigration, border integrity, citizenship.
ORDER - BALITRO ZEYETAN: Courts, prosecution lawyers.
JUSTICE - BALITRO ZANLEKON: Cultural purity and censorship.
FAITH - BALITRO SABESSAN: Temple facilities, preachers.
INNOCENCE - BALITRO AWOZEKAN: Child care, civil defence lawyers.
BLISS - BALITRO POLAN: Revelry, recreational drugs, festivals, unity as a culture and people.
SONG - BALITRO FALTAN: The arts, music.
KNOWLEDGE - BALITRO NEITINON: Schools, physical places of learning, construction and upkeep.