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Gegloko I Geglokidi
Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin
Personal Name: Gegloko I
Familial Name: Geglokidi
Professional Title: Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin

Birth: 67916.177 lky
Death: 291.3 iky
Lifespan: 642.14 tgc

Species: Ekela (Wanisinese Lilitu)
Gender: Munilda

Biography: Gegloko I was a geologist and surveyor, named Géa il Kotlat Búterko, who came to fame after discovering basna in what is now known as the Kelonran crater. This revelation made her famous, and in her later years Klíto XVII passed along an ever-increasing portfolio of responsibilities to the responsible, capable, and immensely popular scientist. When Klíto finally died, Géa sought to define the Empire through strong leadership. She made a mandate of stamping out Sarthíanism amongst the slokdtabai, many of whom had been brought from Illera against their will. She also sought to increase fertility and exploitation of the planet's natural resources, and envisioned a day when Wanisin would be terraformed from a chilly swamp into a warmer, dryer land that would be much more inhabitable. Gegloko I was the last Empress to be born on Ksreskézo. During her reign, the population of Wanisin went from 5,000 to more than 60,000.

During the reign of Gegloko I, the Commonwealth made their initial attempts at first contact. It was Gegloko's aspiration to conquer Wanisin's climate that aroused concern, as this suggested a significant leap in technological progress was near, likely facilitated by Serena. A team of two dozen contact experts from Sensitive Affairs landed in Surví Dashro in 1053, and were received by the Empress; discourse initially proceeded smoothly, but the revelations that they a) wanted to bring Serena to justice and b) were responsible for the Shade of Ossa caused negotiations to disintegrate. The dead bodies of the 24 Hatel were sent back on their shuttle.