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Sampo I Dashro
Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin
Personal Name: Sampo I
Familial Name: Dashro
Professional Title: Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin

Birth: 74.09 iky
Death: 615.428 iky
Lifespan: 649.6 tgc

Mother: Klito XVII Dashro (67873.672 lky – 84.327 iky)
Species: Ekela (Wanisinese Lilitu)
Gender: Hakro (Wanisinese caste)

Biography: Born Sampía Klítida il Dashro, the first Sampo was raised more by Gegloko I than by her actual mother, Keroa. This groomed her excellently for statecraft. When Sampo I came to power and Gegloko I chose to abdicate the throne to her, they devised the flame ritual of succession together to cement Sampo I's legitimacy, even though the court in Surví Dashro was opposed to the development of a dynasty born from the blood of Klíto XVII. Sampo I was wildly paranoid throughout her career and began wearing armor everywhere, using numerous poison-testers and reviving the Ksreskézaian tradition of preparing one's own food. She died under mysterious circumstances while walking alone in a palace garden late at night, lending legitimacy to her life of fear and prompting hakrodeklai all over Wanisin to adopt her attitudes of minimal trust.

Perhaps it was her unusually cagey nature that led to her easy and long-lasting friendship with Serena tel Moukarhím, who herself was far from mentally stable at this point in history, and lived in perpetual fear that the Commonwealth would return for her. During Sampo I's reign, Serena began to trade labour (mostly in the form of locating ancient Tletkettoyic ruins) for useful resources, like domesticable animals and the numerous Terran staple crops that were missing from the slokdtabaní diet, substantially facilitating continued population expansion. By the end of her reign, Wanisin was home to some 300,000 egrekelai.