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Sampo II Dashro
Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin
Personal Name: Sampo II
Familial Name: Dashro
Professional Title: Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin

Birth: 78.227 iky
Death: 643.415 iky
Lifespan: 678.22 tgc

Mother: Klito XVII Dashro (67873.672 lky – 84.327 iky)
Species: Ekela (Wanisinese Lilitu)
Gender: Hakro (Wanisinese caste)

Biography: Born Aiteké Klítida il Dashro, Sampo II was the younger sister of Sampo I. Largely raised by Sampía, her brief reign was marked by an emphasis on government reform and easing attitudes toward the nascent rebels in Kelonra, with an eye to opening trade negotiations and absorbing them into the Empire. Both policies met with broad disapproval among the nobles, who preferred to meet Kelonra on the field of battle rather than over a negotiating table. In the end she was murdered by Alestea I, the first death of an Empress by her direct successor, who proceeded to commence hostilities with Fígestrímaní Roventría.