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Alestea I Alestidi
Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin
Personal Name: Alestea I
Familial Name: Alestidi
Professional Title: Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin

Birth: 67992.785 lky
Death: 656.107 iky
Lifespan: 987.98 tgc

Species: Ekela (Wanisinese Lilitu)
Gender: Hakro (Wanisinese caste)

Biography: Born Alestéa Wemnohida Antàn, Alestéa Murekída (the Blood-drinker) started wars on all fronts: against the semi-nomadic, somewhat independent miners and basna-harvesters in the Crater, against the Hatel Commonwealth when the second expedition arrived in 2194, and against dissent among her peers. A dozen nobles or more were killed in duels with Alestea I, greatly thinning out those few who survived from Illera. The effort to crush the rebels in Kelonra started in 2201 and continued to Alestea I's death in 2230, known today in Roventría as the War of Kelonran Independence; if anything, the agenda backfired catastrophically, cementing the state of Kelonra as a sovereign polity far into the future.

Alestea I regarded the importance of the Empire's integrity and continued expansion as above all else, and mandated exploitation of Wanisin's moons and the natural resources of other worlds within Kwarkë. This was the decision that prompted the Commonwealth to attempt to intervene again, and the Wanisinese Empire responded by enslaving the contact operatives and forcing them to mate. Wary, the Commonwealth would not land any more people on Wanisin during Alestea I's reign.

The legacy of Alestea I was unusually far-reaching for an empress who reigned for such a short time. In addition to defining Kelonra, taking the first alien slaves, and demonstrating nearly unparalleled skill in the dueling ring, Alestea also started the House Alestidi, which became synonymous with the ferocity of Sur'daran rule for generations. It would hold the throne again in the eleventh millennium, and many times thereafter, acquiring an important role in the War of Inheritance.