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Gegloko II Kowakidi
Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin
Personal Name: Gegloko II
Familial Name: Kowakidi
Professional Title: Hakrodeklo 'l Wanisin

Birth: 68014.285 lky
Death: 675.632 iky
Lifespan: 985.61 tgc

Species: Ekela (Wanisinese Lilitu)
Gender: Hakro (Wanisinese caste)

Biography: In the aftermath of Alestea I's death, the Empire was on the verge of economic collapse due to the costs of the failed conquest of Kelonra. Gegloka Kowakàn Moía il Khoselía Telíbis, former Minister of Fertility, came from an academic background and, unusually, won her position as Empress through the persuasiveness of her agenda and planning skills. Not especially charismatic nor competent with a knife, she was elected Empress because the Senate saw no worthy options among her small-minded, self-interested rivals, who would squander the opportunity to avert crisis.

Gegloko II followed in the footsteps of her namesake, and presided over Wanisin's first satellite launches, as well as its first mass breeding programmes for egrekeliní and hateliní slaves, and doubled agricultural productivity through the clever application of bioengineered crops acquired through trade with Serena. Gegloko's ambitions, though not military in nature, eventually came to be seen as threats by Serena, who was concerned that, should the throne on Wanisin continue to be occupied by competent technocrats, their technical progress might outstrip what she could offer, and she would ultimately lose her ability to control the Empire.