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The Lilitic Goddess of Secrets and Equivocation
Even in the most dire of situations, the Lilitai have needs for secrets; history is rife with Slokdtabasa keeping their Oksete masters' privacy—and their own, from said masters—at the cost of their lives.

But the toxicity of the lies—and the terrible consequences they have wrought on the Lilitai—relationships obliterated, and lovers turned to mortal enemies—has not rewarded this quirk culturally. Úravéa is, above all else, a harbinger of tragedy.

Her form, thus, is not like the rest of the Stillasa: she appears to be of black skin, shiny and satiny, and emitting heavy plumes of equally-black smoke, which she breathes at any who ask her to protect their secrets—a powerful, but ultimately foolish contract, as the only possible payment is in years of remaining lifespan. This may not seem like a terrible burden to creatures so long-lived, but the fundamental ultimately reality that secrets can only be held for so long has been an essential deterrent to two-facèdness since the Lilitasa left Ksreskézo.