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Jewel of Rust
Settled by Cossipi from Nionosca in 1500 tgc, Dúnédan's orbit took it into the proximity of Velanner during the Interim, and it became the centre of Velanner's manufacturing industry, becoming the second city of Velanner's political bloc and one of the most important in the Archipelago in that epoch. During the dismantling of Velanner, the Treaty of 2954 saw Dúnédan partitioned by the CTO, XTAA, and Hatel Commonwealth into three special administrative regions, which together were ruled by a triumvirate of diplomats; this system lasted only a few decades before the coronation of Amounkoros I and the return of a conventional devolved parliament. It is debated to what extent the Wanisinese influence in Dúnédan re-emerged during the Iron Dynasty; certainly the city's people were prepared to receive the ideas of Ivilon Desqrit by the start of the sixth millennium, but this could also have been cultural momentum from their previous ties to Velanner, or simply an inevitability of the Nosican substrate.