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The Lilitic Goddess of Thoughts and Feelings
Ithovíha is represented as a young woman with light skin, dark hair, dark eyes, and a loose, fluttery black robe made to be slightly translucent. She carries in one hand a stone tablet, on which is drawn a diagram of the brain as it was first studied by Oksete when the Rotomemí were found. On her face is an expression of certainty and determination, though this may be masked by any number of emotions.

Ithovíha represents the triumph of the mind over one's environment, and over social and personal problems. She is not strictly of rational or emotional character in domain, though the construction of the Lilitic religion asserts that the mind is a much more rational thing than not. As such, her view is that any problem can be solved through careful reasoning or planning, without giving in to one of the goddesses of emotion, or by strategically giving in. She is the ultimate negotiator, scientist, philosopher, and mathematician.

Offerings to her are in futhebovíete (light sources), stíete (pens), krete (paper), or denlete (inks) consumed by fire. Mythically, she uses these to solve the problems of the supplicant, and then returns the answer to them as they fall asleep while writing, taking control of their pens as they lose consciousness.