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Capitol of the Telai on Thessia Major.
For information on the city after the Shattering, see Mota.

Kunanoten was the first city founded by the Telai when they reached Thet in 84 IKY. It was built on the rainy western coast of the northern continent by Captain Vitter, and became the capitol of Kunan once that nation existed. Although not significantly notable for its artistic or cultural legacy, Kunanoten was a major hub of trade and knowledge exchange throughout the entire prelapsarian age. It was the primary port for off-world travel, of both the Telaian fleet and several others. The name Kunanoten comes from the elements kuna (child) and not (coast), taken by most to mean "fertile beaches."

Kunanoten was abandoned shortly after the Shattering, as the fragments of land it was perched upon spun wildly, eventually settling into a outer mid orbit in Main Belt 8. Its former inhabitants fled inward, to more secure cities like Dis and Archiva, although it was eventually resettled in the late Reed era. See Mota.