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The Lilitic Goddess of the Collective
Lítréa is, in many ways, the opposite of Uvíha. She is typically imaged in old ceremonial Ksreskézaian Slokdtabaní clothing, or in a more modern role as a family caretaker from the early colonial period of Thet. Typically, she is shown beginning to show signs of ageing, with hair of silver and gold, and grey, wise eyes.

Lítréa understands the difficulties in being social, just as Uvíha understands the difficulties in isolationism—the fights, the flaws, the secrets. But underneath it all, Lítréa recognises that it is possible to get more accomplished through collaboration than separation. Her pivotal concept is that, even if there is no immediate return value in helping others, ultimately the world is made to be a better place if the helping is done, and it is our duty to accomplish precisely that.

Caretakers of large social groups are frequently devotees to her; she is said to watch over and drive those who are tasked with any social responsibility, no matter how small. Her primary gift is the courage to carry on, despite differences and problems, though for the truly important she will also lift barriers. Offerings to her are made by giving up personal secrets, symbols of independence, or personal projects which have not been shared with others.