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Lyrisclensian Central College
Start: 68156.134 lky
End: 71476.61 lky (51 tgc)

The Central College was the government of the Lyrisclensian-administered territories on Thessia Major. This primarily consisted of the country of Collegium, on the southern continent, which shared a complex border with the Lilitic colony of Lilikoisa. Following the Shattering, the Central College was uniquely equipped to assume general emergency responsibility for the brane's well-being, and became the de facto government until the Reed Delegacy was established in late 50 tgc. In addition to leaving behind the similarly-named Lyrisclensian Continuing Council, which remains a major political bloc in Thessian politics to this day, the Central College's capitol, Τρεστύα Νέα, has been the seat of power in the Archipelago for almost the entirety of its existence.