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Architect of Sanctuary
Personal Name: Myenga
Cultural Title: Architect of Sanctuary

Birth: 3260 iky
Death: 79.726 tgc
Lifespan: 96.65 tgc

Species: Peseni
Gender: Hermaphrodite

Biography: Educated at Studio Trestunariou in 3271 iky in advanced mechanical systems engineering and thaumatugic interactions. Responsible for the machinae Myengae, a system of mechanical AIs built to run forever, keeping the main brane intact. Later life spent in exile on the outer islands, in opposition to the Regení government, who felt that Myenga was undermining their authority by building the machinae. Many of these devices survive to this day, fully functional.

Besides the machines themselves, Myenga is remembered as a visionary who believed that there was hope for Thet's continued inhabitation. The Pesene helped rebuild the infrastructures of several cities, including Dis and Archiva.

The Shattering: survivor; experience motivated the creation of her famous brane-preserving machines.